From fertility to the first 1,000 days

With Katy Bradbury, registered nurse and nutritional therapist.

Holistic fertility, maternal and infant health

The first one thousand days, from conception until year two, can affect a baby’s health for life. Whether you’re struggling to conceive or simply want the best possible start for your baby’s life, I can support you with the latest health and nutrition to optimise fertility and health during that crucial first thousand days.


Hi, I’m Katy, a registered nurse and nutritional therapist. I work with women and couples who are trying to conceive (whether naturally or using reproductive technology), pregnant, or who have had a baby in the last couple of years. I offer both nutritional therapy and bespoke private health visiting. 


There is no more important job than raising the next generation, and the future of the world literally depends on it. My mission is to give anyone who wants to be a mother the best possible chance to have a healthy baby and raise a happy child. I do this by advocating nutritional, emotional and practical support for  women as they embark on their pre and post-natal journey.

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