Revolutionising Women's Health

Time and time again, I see women being let down across the lifespan. Whether being given the oral contraceptive pill as the solution to any problems with their menstrual cycle, to not being supported for disordered patterns of eating, hormone imbalances, skin problems, migraines, alopecia, thyroid conditions, infertility and even perimenopause, whilst gaining traction, is still not addressed holistically.

I use my years of training and experience to support and guide you to addressing the underlying causes of your health issues, using evidence based advice you can trust, and delivering it to you in a package where the therapeutic relationship is my utmost priority, and using the science of behaviour change to support you in the most comprehensive way possible.


Hi, I’m Katy, a registered nurse and nutritional therapist. I work with women across the lifespan to support them in whatever issues they may face, from gut issues and hormone imbalances, to support with disordered eating, investigating and addressing the underlying causes of infertility, and navigating pregnancy, motherhood, perimenopause and beyond. I offer both nutritional therapy and bespoke private health visiting. 


My mission is to revolutionise women’s health by educating, supporting and inspiring women to use the power of nutrition and lifestyle to create the healthiest, happiest version of themselves.