Katy Bradbury

Katy Bradbury is a registered nurse and nutritional therapist whose mission is to improve women’s chances of having healthy babies and raising happy children. Her work as a family nurse and health visitor has shown her first-hand the difficulties a child can have if their mother is not supported with the right foundations of nutrition and care. This is especially important during the crucial window of development from conception to age two, often referred to as ‘the first thousand days’.

Having experienced her own struggles with fertility, a traumatic birth, and bonding issues, Katy knows just how important support during this critical period is. With an over-burdened NHS, there aren’t always the resources to give each woman the personalised care needed to optimise the foundations for her mothering journey. 

It was this need for extra help that inspired Katy to combine her career as a family nurse with the practice of nutritional therapy. She utilises the best of both worlds, using natural solutions alongside medical knowledge to improve health and reduce the risks that can cause infertility, pregnancy complications and poor child development.

Katy lives in East London with her husband, cat, dog, and two beautiful daughters.

What if we as a society, together with the NHS, invested in proactive and holistic ways to support mothers in the ‘first 1,000 days’ so they could create a generation of children who are healthier and more capable than ever before?

To give women the best chance to conceive and raise healthy babies into happy children with bright futures.


I promise to support my clients through their journey every step of the way with empathy, love and support, by creating bespoke plans that support my clients personally.



I promise to use the natural foundations of health that have served us for as long as we’ve been human (e.g. clean water, clean air, nutritious whole food, movement, sleep, social bonds). I promise to inform my clients about how we were designed to live instead of how we’ve been brainwashed to live in the last few hundred years because of capitalism and the industrial revolution.



Even though I believe in the power of nature, I promise to only use approaches that are scientific and evidence-based. I also promise to keep people up to date with the latest research – my career started as an academic.



I promise to not be polarised either side, I believe in the middle ground where medicine and nature work together.



I promise to never overwhelm my clients with too many changes at once. Taking things step by step and designing a plan that is bespoke to their unique circumstances.