Ep45 – What do we Mean by Detoxification and Why on Earth is it Important for Fertility

Hello, I’m Katy Bradbury, a qualified Nutritional Therapist, private Health Visitor and qualified nurse. I have worked within Women’s Health, Maternal and Children’s Health for many years. 

Today’s podcast is titled “What do you mean by detoxification and why on Earth is it important for fertility?” In this episode, I talk about the detoxification process. This term is widely bandied about but is a complex series of happenings in the body that can have enormous implications for fertility. I break down the different detox stages and discuss why it is so important for hormones and reproductive health, different ways of checking out your own detoxification pathways, and some practical suggestions for supporting liver health. This topic is covered in more detail in my forthcoming monthly membership. 

Anyone interested can register their interest by emailing support@katybradbury.com to ensure access to early bird prices.


00:00: Introduction and why the strained voice?

01:40: This isn’t a topic I’ve heard too much detail about, but please email me that springs to mind when you think of detoxification

03:26: Has the word ‘detox’ lost its meaning?

04:31: This is just a taster of what is in my forthcoming membership programme

05:40: What is detoxification?

06:21: We’re bombarded all the time by things that need to be metabolised and detoxified

09:06: So what is the process? What happens?

11:13: We don’t want oxidation, free radicals & reactive molecules floating around our bloodstream

15:48: Hopefully, I have not lost you!

16:42: Phase three – excretion! This is why I talk a lot about gastrointestinal health 

17:49: So why is detoxification so important for fertility?

20:32: As soon as the sex hormones become imbalanced, it throws everything off

22:47: Dutch hormone test

24:38: Diet is a big thing

25:10: Ep 6 – This is why you need Folate to get pregnant

26:22: Eating the rainbow every week

27:09: Everyone’s detoxification journey is unique 

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