Ep57 – Five Examples of this S**t Working

Hello, I’m Katy Bradbury, a qualified Nutritional Therapist, private Health Visitor and qualified nurse. I have worked in Women’s Health, Maternal and Children’s Health for many years.


Today’s podcast is called “Five Examples of this S**t Working“. In this episode, I run through some examples of clients struggling with their fertility in different ways (including PCOS, endometriosis, IVF support, low egg count, hormones imbalances, gut issues, inflammation) who have worked with me in either 1:1 or a group programme. The examples show specifics of how our work together has created tangible results.


Due to confidentiality, I am not sharing anyone’s real names, so all the names are fictional for the purpose of the episode. The examples and background are factual. 


00:00: Introduction

01:26: A group programme success after nearly giving up

03:00: Sharing stories from people at different stages

Samantha’s Story

04:40 One of the first participants in the group programme

06:30: An A-type personality and FULLY committed
09:36: Successful first IVF and expecting twin

Emma’s Story

10:00: One of the first participants in the group programme

10:19 12 week Fundamentals for Fertility – what is it?

12:10: Our new Monthly Membership waiting list

12:54: Hormonal imbalances, digestion issues & emotional trauma, and she was convinced she would need IVF

13:48: Digestion mini-series

15:00: Testing

15:58: Became pregnant naturally, even before her first IVF session

Sian’s Story

16:22 1:1 client with PCOS and was under a fertility clinic

17:19: Unfortunately, suffered a miscarriage after electrical stimulation

18:10: Now has a four-month-old daughter

Deborah’s Story

18:37: Success but not that has resulted in a pregnancy

19:41: Over 40 years old with a list of health issues, including a miscarriage and failed IVF

21:05: 1:1 client with a lot of testing but both her and her partner are committed

21:45: Recent scan showed 4-5 follicles in the left ovary and 3-4 on the right ovary

Sarah’s Story

23:11: Group programme participant, three rounds of IVF, which did result in some fertilization but no pregnancy

25:04: Round 4 of IVF and 9 out of 10 eggs fertilized, triple the fertilization from previous rounds

26:37: Currently in her two-week wait – we wish her the best

28:46: IVF is gruelling

29:30: Even though the 12-week Fundamentals for Fertility programme is a group session, it is still tailored to you

30:48: Today’s episode is to celebrate all my clients

31:20: This S**T does work

33:41: A confession from me
35:20: Please leave a review or stars

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