Ep35 – Can Nutritional Therapy prepare you for IVF Success?

Hello, I’m Katy Bradbury, a qualified Nutritional Therapist, private Health Visitor and qualified nurse. I have worked within Women’s Health, Maternal and Children’s Health for many years. 

Today’s podcast is “Can nutritional therapy prepare you for IVF success?” I’ve not recorded an episode specifically about IVF on my podcast before. I have recently published an Instagram post for the Fertility Nutrition Centre, which I am proud to be a founding member of. It was all about IVF, so I am recording an episode on it. 


00:00: Introduction & Pre-warnings!

01:38: Writing for the Fertility Nutrition Centre on IVF

03:13: Three things that are important in the preparation phase of IVF

05:48: Supplements – What is right for one person may not be right for another

06:59: Please rate the podcast, whether you are an avid listener or this is your first podcast with us

07:50: Basic preparation around nutrition and lifestyle

10:24: Podcast Ep18 – The Fire that is Stopping you from Getting Pregnant – Katy Bradbury

10:42: Portion sizes on your dinner plate

13:46: Liver Health

15:24: Metabolites are a little unpredictable and feisty

19:00: Thinking about Emotional Health

22:37: It’s about finding ways to calm your nervous system

23:21: Your nutritional therapist has emotional sensitivity and can be your cheerleader

26:00: Two examples of people I have supported through IVF

26:21: She may have had complex health conditions, but she was hot on it and took it all on board

28:58: IVF maybe this couples-only chance of getting pregnant due to male fertility issues

32:19: IVF is a considerable investment physically, emotional and sometimes financially


Links mentioned in the podcast:

Ep18 – The Fire that is Stopping you from Getting Pregnant – Katy Bradbury


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